Energy requalification interventions of public street lighting

This project was carried out as part of the Life LAIKA project ( and concerns credits produced for the purpose of a simulation and not actual credits that can be purchased. SINERGO (Servizio Integrato Elettrico, Rinnovabili e Gestione Ottimizzata) is the set of activities given in Service by the City of Lucca to the Service Contractor, the company GESAM ENERGIA S.p.A.. SINERGO includes the activities of power purchase, operation and maintenance of electrical installations carried out by the Service Contractor pursuing objectives of standardization, technological upgrading retraining and energy saving. The electrical installations covered by the service are as follows:

  1. Street lighting systems;
  2. Monumental lighting installations;
  3. Lighting installations for fairs and markets;
  4. Temporary installations for events;
  5. Outdoor lighting installations of churches at townships;
  6. Electrical installations pertaining to traffic lights;
  7. Electrical systems pertaining to properties owned by the P.A. Municipality of Lucca;
  8. Electrical installations afferent to electric pumps;
  9. Electrical systems afferent to Pilomat for controlled access of the Town Center;
  10. Electrical systems for additional lighting during holidays;
  11. Electrical systems afferent to electronic parking signaling panels.
The SINERGO project aims, to achieve an annual reduction in the consumption of the municipal electric utility fleet by 2 percent from 2010 to 2019 compared to the same consumption in the year 2009.

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Comune di Lucca (U.O.3.3 Ambiente)


via C. Battisti n. 15 Lucca (Lucca) Italy



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