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BOCAM (Bologna Carbon Market) is an experimental project of the Municipality of Bologna on voluntary CO2 credits. One of the commitments made by the Municipality of Bologna to promote sustainable development is to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative to motor vehicles. This intervention contributes to the reduction of pollutant gas emissions into the atmosphere and the decongestion of urban traffic. In order to encourage the reduction of car use, it is essential to create a continuous, safe and clearly recognizable network of bicycle connections, as well as integrated with other forms of mobility. The main criteria followed in the planned activity initiated and implemented implemented in the crediting period of reference (2009 to 2018) can be summarized in the following points:

  • completion and continuity of the routes of new bicycle tracks, starting from the Historic Center and first outskirts, also in function of the interchange with the railway system at the stops of the Metropolitan Railway Service;
  • alternatives of bicycle routes and areas in the Historic Center, according to the model of diffuse bicycling and the use of pedestrian and/or privileged pedestrian traffic zones and "environmental islands".
  • bicycle routing plan, which as of 2014 allows cyclists to be directed along a series of 12 on-street routes totaling 153 km from the suburbs to the historic center and vice versa.
In addition to the construction of cycling infrastructure, the Administration's action in favor of cycling also passes through a series of complementary initiatives and utilities to support cycling. Of no small importance is the effort made over the past several years to promote bicycling and its use as a viable and efficient mode of transportation for city travel. Among the services activated between 2006 and 2010 are:
  • "P+Bicycling," free parking for car drivers who leave their vehicles parked at the equipped parking interchanges and use bicycles to get to more central parts of the city or to their place of work/study;
  • "C'entro in Bici," a free mechanical pick-up public bicycle rental service. At the end of 2010, the service consisted of 22 pick-up stations for a total of 184 bikes available in the city area, and the steady growth in users testifies to the good public response the system has received since its launch in the city;
  • the creation, publication and distribution of maps and other communication materials dedicated to the bike paths and services active in the area;
  • the numerous bicycle promotion campaigns coordinated or carried out directly by the Administration at numerous events organized outdoors and attended by numerous citizens.

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